Work Experience


Redmond, WA, USA
  • Working on backend microservices (.NET/C#) for ingesting, processing and publishing content from thousands of upstream sources for Microsoft Start (MSN).
  • Previously owned the user interest store and associated API, critical for all Microsoft Start/News product personalization.
  • Worked on backend services handling 100K+ requests per second, with tight performance and reliability constraints.


Vancouver, BC, CA
  • Worked on front-end/mobile experiences using TypeScript and React (web/native), backend microservices using .NET and C#.
  • Delivered frontend experiences on multiple canvases across 50+ markets/locales for the Microsoft Start/News team.


Redmond, WA, USA
  • Software engineering internship, created analysis pipelines and dashboards for validation/monitoring of a new service against the older service it replaced.

University of Auckland

Auckland, NZ
  • Summer Research Scholarship in the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Worked on Active Classroom Programmer (ACP), a tool for lecturers teaching interactive and engaging programming classes.


Bachelor of Engineering (BE Hons.)

University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ
  • Specialising in Software Engineering.
  • Awarded with First Class Honours.


League Explorer

Side-project to experiment with various technologies
  • Explore effects of hypothetical score changes in football (soccer) leagues.
  • React single page application with Material UI for frontend, .NET (Core) backend to update data asynchronously and expose it via a blob store.
  • Azure Functions (data updates), Blob Storage (data serving) and Cloudflare Pages (frontend serving).


Educational Unity app for BE Hons. final year project